Piercing & Gift Vouchers

Our vouchers can be used to pay for piercings or shop items. Tattoo vouchers can be found here.

We’ve made several vouchers in the prices of popular piercings for people who wanted something in particular. Examples are given below. Please see the price list if you don’t see what you want listed, and give us a call if you need a custom voucher.

Please click through below to pay securely and directly via PayPal for instant delivery via email. Vouchers can either be shown to us as the original email on your phone, or can be printed to be given as a physical gift.

£5 Voucher

£10 Voucher: Pair of lobe piercings with the gun

£20 Voucher: Most single ear piercings with the needle, including tragus and daith, eyebrows

£25 Voucher: ‘Fancy’ ear piercings such as crystal jewellery and things like daith hearts, lip rings and bars, smileys and webs

£27 Voucher: The plainest of navel piercings, single nipple piercings

£30 Voucher: Pairs of needle ear piercings, navels with a single crystal bar, tongue

£35 Voucher: Navel piercings with double crystal bar, septums, single dermals

£40 Voucher: Navel piercings in gold titanium with double crystals, scaffolds/industrials, surface tongue piercings

£45 Voucher: Pairs of nipples, most genital piercings

£50 Voucher

£100 Voucher