Body Piercing

For over three decades, we’ve been pioneers in the art of body piercing, setting the standard for excellence and innovation. At Seventh Sun, we don’t just offer piercings – we offer experiences that empower you to express yourself boldly, beautifully, and fearlessly.

Step into our sanctuary of self-expression, where our skilled piercers blend precision and passion to create stunning works of art on your canvas. With over 30 years of experience under our belts, we’ve mastered the art of piercing, ensuring each procedure is not only safe and sterile but also an unforgettable journey towards self-discovery.

But what truly sets us apart? It’s our unwavering commitment to quality and creativity. From classic ear piercings to avant-garde body modifications, we specialize in a diverse range of piercings tailored to your unique style and personality. Whether you’re looking to make a bold statement or add a subtle touch of sparkle, we’ve got you covered.

And rest assured, your safety is our top priority. We adhere to the highest standards of hygiene and sanitation, using only the finest quality materials and state-of-the-art techniques to ensure your piercing experience is as safe as it is sensational.

So, why settle for ordinary when you can embrace the extraordinary? Trust the experts at Seventh Sun to turn your piercing dreams into reality. Join us on a journey of self-expression, empowerment, and endless possibilities. Book your appointment today and let your inner beauty shine!


Book online, or call us on 020 8855 6224 to book an appointment. Walk-ins are also very much welcome, although we do require bookings for clients looking to get multiple piercings or Surface Piercings, Snake Eyes or Microdermals.


We have an aftercare guide developed in accordance with the recommendations made by Public Health England, download it here: Seventh Sun Body Piercing Aftercare Guide

Price List

Machine – Ear Lobes 

Single £8-10
Pair £14-£18

Needle – Ear
Lobes – £25 (single) / £35 (pair)  
(+£5 for crystal)

Cartilage (rook, daith, tragus, helix, conch)
£25 (single) / £40 (pair)   
(+£5 for crystal)

Surface Tragus – £35

Scaffold / Industrial – £45

Navel / Belly Button

Plain bar or ring – £30

Bar with single crystal – £35

Bar with double crystal – £40


Nostril – Plain bar or single crystal – £25 / Ring – £30

Septum – Horseshoe or ring – £35

Erl (Bridge) – £35

Tongue / Mouth

Tongue (plain bar) – £30
includes changeover to shorter bar

Surface Tongue / Snake Eyes – £40

Smiley or frowny – £25

Tongue web – £25


Lip / Face

Ring or bar  – £25 (single) / £35 (bites) (+£5 for crystal)
includes changeover to shorter bar – keep your yellow slip

Surface lip (vertical labret, ashley, etc.) – £30

Dahlia (outer lip) or Cheek (dimples) – £40 (single) / £60 (pair)


Ring or bar – £25 / £30 (with crystal)

Anti-eyebrow (surface) – £30


£30 (single) / £45 (pair)


Plain bar or single crystal – £45

Bar with double crystal – £50


Plain bar – £40 / £45 (with crystal)

Crystals or “gold” titanium bar – £45

Dermal anchors – £35 (single) / £60 (pair) / £80 (three)

Skin divers – £20 (single / £35 (pair)

Additional Prices


Changeovers – £3

Stretching – from £5